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      V International Esoteric & Health
Practices Festival Destiny's Gift
      22 September 2018
      Bellevue Park Hotel Riga
Emmilia Alehno (11)
Emmilia’s Healing Sessions
Emmiliya - Healer, Teacher, Suggestologist, conduit of Highly Spiritual Light Channel, voicing aloud the information that comes to her from the Angels-healers and Karmic mentors. For this work and achievements in the field of healing serious illnesses, including cancer, she has been awarded a number of diplomas, including the International for scientific work, for the publication of books, textbooks, for a series of Light Meditation CDs with the voice of the author  (series of HUMAN HEALTH and others), she has also been awarded the Orders of " Healer’s Star ", of "Healer Panteleimon", "Paracelsus" and other awards.
 During sessions in the Healing Center a patient lying on the unique bed of natural semiprecious stones, interacts with the healing Flow, Emmilia’s hands and words.
During the session, the purification and recovery of all systems and organs occurs as if according to the picture shown to her from above by Spiritual Teachers the Puzzle of the body and soul Matrix is restored.
Pure LIGHT flowing through her hands, the flow of healing energy clears the mind, memory, improves the function of organs and systems in people receiving the session, the intercellular and intracellular connections are restored, tissue destruction removed.
Cleansing, restoration and rejuvenation of the cell nucleus, DNA takes place at the molecular and atomic levels. Work is underway with the light photons, up to particles of God.
What do people get from the sessions?
The intercellular links are restored, metabolism improves, the immune system strengthens, and the endocrine system is harmonized. Protection from colds and illnesses strengthens.
It improves complexion, bright eyes shine, body and skin rejuvenate. A very important effect - Grounding and interaction with the energy of the earth, with the family tree, with the Ancestral family guardian.
People who took sessions are joyful, positive, strong spirited, energetic, and above all they are young and healthy.
Emmilia’s general working scheme is 4 sessions, one session from half an hour to one hour long a week.
During this time, the cell receives LIGHT and starts vibrating at high frequency levels. Negative information is worked off of, the disease is released, tumors, swellings, inflammations, etc. are removed, a full recovery follows.
The person becomes calmer, stronger; complexes, clamping blocks are removed.
The sessions are also aimed at development and spiritual awakening. Removing the causes of diseases, changing attitude towards the former situations, the disease goes away, because it is no longer needed - the person has changed, has acquired the experience, has become wiser.
As a teacher and healer Emmilia advises to take preventive sessions for protection, purification and health promotion. This is better than later to "fight" with the disease.
Emmilia also conducts sessions remotely, through Skype.
People get the same effect, regardless of the distance.
Seek Health!
Direct your energy to improving health and not to looking for diagnoses and diseases.
Apply at 00353877477434

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